filtertransactions ( options )

List transactions.

Argument #1 - options

Type: json, optional

: A configuration object for the query

All keys are optional. Default values are: Expected values are as follows: count: number of transactions to be displayed (integer >= 0, use 0 for unlimited) skip: number of transactions to skip (integer >= 0) include_watchonly: whether to include watchOnly transactions (bool string) search: a query to search addresses and amounts character DOT ‘.’ is not searched for: search “123” will find 1.23 and 12.3 (query string) category: select only one category of transactions to return (string from list) all, send, orphan, immature, coinbase, receive, orphaned_stake, stake, internal_transfer sort: sort transactions by criteria (string from list) time most recent first address alphabetical category alphabetical amount biggest first confirmations most confirmations first txid alphabetical from: unix timestamp or string “yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss” to: unix timestamp or string “yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss” collate: display number of records and sum of amount fields

    "count":             10,
    "skip":              0,
    "include_watchonly": false,
    "search":            ''
    "category":          'all',
    "sort":              'time'
    "from":              '0'
    "to":                '9999'
    "collate":           false